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Whatever your financial situation is right now

PLEASE invest min. $30 in IFIG to

secure your financial future!!!

It’ll be your best investment ever and


You got the info from us, the rest is up to you!!

This is the franchise online business model that is brilliant in its simplicity and functionality intended for anyone wishing to launch their own internet business.

I would like to welcome you on behalf of InFace Invest Group and wish you a sincere welcome to the company and our SFT21 online community!

We have a history of 20 years of education, research, study, training and ongoing upgrading of existing knowledge and skills in jobs involving IT business, financial investment, market research, and marketing business in general. All this has resulted in the company’s establishment and a unique business offer that we want to introduce to you, our future business associates.


For our members, future franchisees, we have offered business without any risk and business satisfaction guarantee that gives you the option to decide whether you want your business to continue or want to give up by the end of 90 days, with 100% return on investment in that period.

Risk-free business is a sufficient reason to join us!

= SFT21 Business Concept =

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A business that has bypassed all the problems that other Internet businesses face.

If you’ve ever worked (or do) some kind of internet business, then you’ve come across this:

  • There was always a risk of losing big money

  • One foot (line) has always been stronger and your money has always been “on hold” because you have never managed to reach a balance

  • There were always those who were “below”, that fed those “above”

  • It was difficult to achieve a good duplication and many team members were inactive

  • There was no quality support from your mentor or company to guide you and help you

  • You have failed to achieve stable passive income, let alone financial freedom

Well, I hope you are ready for REVOLUTION in business

because the SOLUTION has arrived!

You may not be aware at this time, but this is one of those opportunities that occur once or twice in a lifetime. Who recognizes this now at this time will have solid monthly income in the near future.

I was personally waiting for opportunity like this since I started my online business. I’ve been involved in many businesses, but now for the first time I have a chance, and YOU together with me, to be at the beginning of a great story. A business model that has the potential to surpass everything seen so far.

But, why don’t we let the facts and arguments speak.

So please pay attention because this is perhaps the most important thing you’ve seen lately.

When I first heard about this possibility from my colleagues, I knew right away that this was the real deal.  And when I saw all the details of the compensation plan, I was enthusiastic.

And I realized that I CAN’T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY PASS ME BY! I have a feeling that if I missed this, I would be like those who failed to buy Facebook shares at the very beginning, when just a few realized what it would become.

Why is it important to react as soon as possible?

The company inFace Invest Group is the first in the world to create an online social network through a franchise business model. The business starts with the franchise SFT21, and there is also a web shop, its own crypto currency, its own social network (SFToYou), its own payment processor and more to come.


A 90-day Business Satisfaction Guarantee. During that period each member can test the system without any risk and after 90 days decide whether to give up or continue with business. In the event of a waiver, the company returns the amount of investment in full, and the member who decides to continue the business will sign a franchise agreement. So NO RISK whatsoever.

  • The automated business system, the control panel, is unique in its functionality with three mechanisms that are designed to fill the binary matrix more evenly so that everyone can make serious money.

  • Networking model of Profit Distribution and System School UNIVERSITAS with 7 levels.

I hope it’s clear to you why it is important to act immediately and take action. There are (pre) registrations in progress and many leaders are already part of the team, and given that there is no “above or below” such as here, but that we all build the team together and we all work together as one, then I hope you understand what that advantage is for all who will join us.



If you’re serious about changing your life and start

earning $ 1,000 and over $ 10,000 a month, then this is

YOUR UNIQUE opportunity


Just imagine what goals you could accomplish. The ones you’ve always thought that will only remain in your imagination. Now it is time to turn imagination into goals, and goals into reality.

I’ll be glad if you’re serious about getting financial freedom because I like to work with such people – go getters, winners and those who do not want to live an average life.

You may not be aware at this time, (I believe you may be a bit confused), but this is one of those opportunities that occur once in a lifetime. Whoever recognizes this at the beginning, I can boldly say, will be a rich man.

Before you take a look at the video tutorials where ALL is explained, let’s see what you need:


Keep in mind that you have NO RISK whatsoever!

It is my advice to start off at $30 or with a $105 start-up package as absolutely NON-RISK is involved with regard to the 90-day GUARANTEED cash refund. But you can go for just $10 to look inside the system and get to know more about the company.

Upgrades to become full franchisee will be deducted from your earnings each month, until you’ve paid $1995 (only for members who start with $30 or $105)

You will never have a chance like this again. Every day that passes, the chances that you miss the train are increasing. And while you’re thinking of engaging in such a business opportunity … some of your fellow colleagues are making money because our team grows day by day.

Frequently asked questions

I’m sure you have a lot of questions, so feel free to visit the company’s site where the answers are:



Coming soon:

  • New payment processors

  • Web shop, social network, crypto and more …

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